Notes on: Neroche

I know of no other contemporary artist capable of so rapidly churning out such a vast quantity of jaw-droppingly unique (but all equally moreish) trip hop tunes. Blending samples that when picked apart subtly suggest notions and eras as seemingly disparate as gangsta, the wild west, parisian grayscale, fragmented jazz-age ruminations (and some indeterminate melancho-fantasy world inhabited by archaic-verging-on-mythical, darkly authoritive speakers), this guy is way up there with the most potent artists of the aural surreal. Not to mention, unlike many of trip-hop’s contemporary descendents (e.g. FKA Twigs) who hold aspects of the genre amidst a melting pot of others, his sound is as wholly identifiable as part of this category.

There is not a single track from any album I’d skip – even those that don’t make you feel like the human manifestation of ‘cool’ itself still evoke a majestic melancholia of sorts that can be as utterly enthralling or as uninvasive as your mindset requires.


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